St. Paul de Vence – Pink Wine

St. Paul de Vence is a small medieval town in the south of France. (Sidenote: Why is it always “the south of France” and not just “southern France”? Are the French that pretentious? Parisians are generally very nice folks, as long as you make a modest attempt at speaking the language. Do Europeans say “the north of Ireland”? “The east of England”? Whatever, mark it down, from here on out, this website is based in “the central of Indiana”. And be sure your pinky is sticking out when you say it.)

St. Paul de Vence is also the name of an acoustic, indie folk band from Seattle.

Their debut album, entitled Farther Than Light, came out a couple months ago. At nine songs and 29 minutes, it’s a quick listen, but well worth your time.

You might consider checking it out.

The band recently put together a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest. It’s a performance of their song “Pink Wine”. It didn’t win, but it’s good.

RIYL: Hurray for the Riff Raff, Gregory Alan Isakov, good music, The Head & the Heart

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