Josh Miller – When You’re Blue

There’s not much information online about this guy at the moment. His music doesn’t appear to be available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, or Bandcamp. He doesn’t seem to have any type of label or even a website.

What he does have is a fantastic acoustic love song called “When You’re Blue”. He posted it yesterday, and as of this writing it has 102 views online. It should have many, many more.

If a fancy music executive gets wind of this, they will throw money at him and try to buy the rights to it. It will then probably head to Katie Perry or Bruno Mars or Jennifer Hudson to sing, and it will sell a bajillion copies.

Or maybe it’s just a clever little song about love. Either way — very good stuff.

RIYL: Sam Cooke, Amos Lee, Brett Dennen, good music

5 thoughts on “Josh Miller – When You’re Blue

  1. Yes he is very talented. It would be nice if he were finally noticed. Josh is an extremely humble guy who has grown over the years. He did try out for a tv show, but b/c he sang an original they didn’t let him go through. The talent that year was horrible. On behalf of Josh, thank you for writing this. Continue to share, share, share!!

  2. I really like this song. Very talented!! He should be on the voice, a winner for sure. Hope to hear this on the radio soon.

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