Spirit Family Reunion – It Does Not Bother Me / Put Your Hands Together When You Spin the Wheel

If you haven’t heard of Spirit Family Reunion, then there’s a good chance that Spirit Family Reunion is the best band you haven’t heard of. You could call it country or bluegrass or string band music or whatever — just be sure to put “great” or “outstanding” in front of it.

This is uniquely American music — the kind of music that will straighten your spine, soothe a sore throat, and single-handedly make you a better person.

(Got really tempted to say “single-bandedly make you a better person” right there. Thought better of it, barely.)

Spirit Family Reunion’s second LP, Hands Together, is due out April 14th.

By all preliminary accounts, it’s going to be outstanding. Check it out here.

RIYL: America, freedom, good music, apple pie, porches

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