David Dondero – This Guitar / Samantha’s Got a Bag of Coal

David Dondero often combines the tongue-in-cheek humor of Todd Snider with the jittery, bitter warble of Conor Oberst.

“This Guitar” is the title track to Mr. Dondero’s latest album. It’s a love/hate ode to a guitar, written entirely on the piano. You can almost picture the guy writing this song on the piano, drunkenly sneering at his untouched, dusty guitar sitting in the corner of the room.

“Samantha’s Got a Bag of Coal” is a gentle lullaby that condemns unruly police officers, religious hypocrites, corporate greed, and obnoxious frat dudes, all in a tidy three minutes and twenty-three seconds.

You can preview and purchase David Dondero’s newest album right here.

RIYL: Donovan Woods, Bright Eyes, generalized angst, good music

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