Terry Reid – Mayfly

Old-Timer Tuesday
Most of the music posted here is new or newish. However, as a nod to the elders, Tuesdays will now officially be known as “Old-Timer Tuesday”, which will be reserved strictly for music that was written and/or recorded before the year 2000.


Terry Reid is a British rock vocalist and guitarist. He dropped out of school at age 16 to pursue music. By 17, he played a show at a renowned London venue called Royal Albert Hall. Word about him spread quickly.

Also in England around that time, a rock group called The Yardbirds disbanded, and their guitarist wanted to start a new band, one focused on blues and hard rock. He had heard of Terry Reid’s music through whatever the British version of “the grapevine” is, and asked Mr. Reid to sing for them. Unfortunately, Reid had already agreed to go on tour with Eric Clapton’s band Cream, so he passed on joining the guitarist’s hypothetical new band.

That guitarist was Jimmy Page. That hypothetical new band became Led Zeppelin… Oops.

All-time snafus aside, Reid went on to have a respectable career as a solo artist, albeit with modest record sales.

His most popular song, “Mayfly”, is below. It’s on Reid’s underrated album River, which you can buy here. Stick around until the 1:20-1:40 mark to see why Mr. Page was so interested in his singing.

RIYL: Blind Faith, Stephen Stills, Buffalo Springfield, good music

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