Cahalen Morrison & Eli West – Livin’ in America / Down in the Lonesome Draw

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West are a roots music duo from New Mexico. They play an old-fashioned style of country/folk/bluegrass: lots of finger-picking and harmonies, not a lot of pretension.

“Livin’ in America” contains, among other things: 1) the phrase “dressed all well-to-do”, 2) a mention of getting slicked up with one’s pocket comb, and 3) a reference simply to “Hank”, because sometimes a first name is enough.

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West’s latest album, I’ll Swing My Hammer with Both My Hands, is available to preview and purchase here.

RIYL: Tim O’Brien, old-fashioned country, David Grisman, finger pickin’, good music, porches

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