Tyler Lyle – Ditchdigger

Tyler Lyle should be a household name by now. He writes a wide variety great songs: some upbeat & catchy songs; some sad & pensive songs; and some songs that magically combine all those things in one.

And he doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet. Maybe it’s because his name is kind of weird to say out loud. Maybe he’s the “rural juror” of songwriters.

In 2011, he self-released a great record called The Golden Age & the Silver Girl. It’s thoughtful and varied and overall outstanding. You might consider checking it out. Even the liner notes are good.

Mr. Lyle’s newest EP, entitled Ditchdigger, came out a couple weeks ago. You can preview and buy it, directly from him, right here.

RIYL: Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, sunshine, good music

(Recommended by Adam over at Songs for the Day. His blog is outstanding.)

(Edit: the link to stream this version of Ditchdigger has since been removed by Tyler Lyle or his management, likely because a reworked version of this song appears on his new album, The Native Genius of Desert Plants.)

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