Ray Lamontagne – Drive In Movies

Ray Lamontagne’s fifth studio album, Supernova, comes out tomorrow. Fair warning: it’s going to be a polarizing record. It was produced by the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach — that’s this guy right here, but it’s also this guy.

Some folks worried that the album would sound like Ray Lamontagne singing a Black Keys record, and it occasionally does (see “Julia”). But overall, it sounds more like Ray Lamontagne singing a Dandy Warhols record: spaced-out, druggy, and atmospheric.

If you’re a big fan of Mr. Lamontagne’s older albums, “Drive In Movies” should assuage some of your worry. It’s the most “old school Ray” sounding song on the album, which is to say there’s some acoustic guitar, slide guitar, and a minimal amount of production ballyhoo.

You can pre-order Supernova here.

RIYL: Donovan Frankenreiter, good music, “the old Ray”, actual drive in movies

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