MMT Spring 2014

Some of the finest music sites on the internet, such as this one and this one and this one, occasionally do seasonal mixes.

Below is one such seasonal mix, for your enjoyment, compiled by a few folks who like music a whole lot.

It goes well with a good ale, white wine, and shrimp cocktail. It does not go well with tequila. But nothing really goes well with tequila. Nothing but shame. Shame and vomit.

1. Streets of Laredo – Hey Rose
2. Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better
3. Blitzen Trapper – Coming Home
4. Cloud Cult – Running with the Wolves
5. Van Morrison – Come Running
6. Busman’s Holiday – Baby Blue
7. Shakey Graves & Esme Patterson – Dearly Departed
8. Tyler Lyle – Ditchdigger
9. Conor Oberst – Hundreds of Ways
10. Oscar Isaac – Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
11. James Bay – Let It Go
12. George Harrison – Awaiting on You All (early take)
13. Eels – Parallels
14. Cymbals Eat Guitars – Indiana
15. Cahalen Morrison & Eli West – Livin in America
16. Ha Ha Tonka – Pied Pipers
17. Anthony da Costa – Upstate Living
18. The Black Cadillacs – Classic Fool
19. Ages and Ages – Divisionary
20. Whiskeytown – Avenues

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